​Past videos

Aussie Tahta Maharani - Developing weather-based predicting model for dengue fever outbreaks in Solomon Islands.

Beate Ritz – Air pollution and autism in Denmark.

Beate Ritz – Air pollution and reproductive outcomes: Is there anything left to do?

Benoit Nemery. Exposure to trace metals and adverse health effects of mining in the DR Congo.

Bin Jalaludin – Healthy urban environments – global and local.

Brenda Eskanazi - Environmental factors affecting the health of our children in the 21st century.

Chang-Chuan Chan – Public health study in petrochemical complex: an exposure and epidemiology approach.

Chia-Jung Hsieh – Exposure determinants of phthalates among pregnant women in Taiwan.

Chin Yu Hsu – Field study on online monitoring network of air toxics and source tracking at petrochemical industrial park.

Chin-Li Lu – Associations of maternal urine levels of phthalate metabolites with newborn’s sex hormones.

Chung-Yi Li – Suicide methods by adolescents: the roles of environmental accessibility and social learning.

Eward A. Emmett. Using epidemiology to address community environmental health issues.

Guy B Marks – From science to policy: environmental epidemiology for protection of human health.

Ho Kim – Can we decide our future? Topics of projection studies of climate change and health.

Jamal Hisham Hashim– Health impact of climate change in Southeast Asia.

Joel Schwartz – Changes and opportunities in estimating the direct effects of climate on health.

Linsey C Marr – Factors shaping the human exposome in the built environment.

Ming Tsang Wu – Overview of study design and method on Taiwan Maternal and Infant Cohort Study (TMICS).

Nai-Tzu Chen – Long-term exposure to temperature associated with the incidence of major depressive disorder.

Pei-Chen Lee – Associations between prenatal, childhood ambient air pollution exposure and childhood mental development in Taiwan.

Pei-Jen Lee – Air pollution during pregnancy and allergic sensitization at birth.

Pi-I Lin – Phthalate exposure among pregnant women in Bangladesh.

Satoshi Nakai. Advances in exposure assessment of air pollution and PM2.5.

Shu-Li Julie Wang - Is prenatal exposure a life-long fate? Early life environmental factors and later health outcomes.

Wilfred Karmaus – Epigenetic studies in environmental health sciences.

Xerxes Seposo – Efficiency of local decision making units in addressing temperature-related risks in the Philippines.

Y Leon Guo – Changing environment and proposed strategies for future generation health.

Yun-Chul Hong – Regional status and suggested strategy: research and policy for Asia-Pacific region.